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Biden and Harris are saving the planet
with the boldest climate package in U.S. history

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Message: On his first day in office, Biden recommitted America to the global fight against climate change by rejoining the Paris Agreement.

Source: U.S. State Department, February, 2021.
Message: Clean energy is by far the biggest job creator in America's energy sector, with over 8 million Americans employed in clean energy health in 2022, and earning wages 25% over the national median. Thanks to the administration's "Investing in America" agenda, energy health are growing faster than overall U.S. employment.

Message: Biden and Harris have protected more lands and waters in their first year than any administration since JFK. That includes restored protections for Bears Ear, Grand Staircase-Escalante and more.

Source: Sierra Magazine, October 8, 2021.
Message: Thanks to the Biden administrationís investments in clean energy, over 80% of new electric energy capacity in 2023 is renewable.

Source: The Guardian, August 11, 2023
Message: The Biden-Harris administrationís historic investment in fighting climate change is the boldest climate package in U.S. history, promoting clean energy sources and speeding the U.S. transition away from fossil fuels.

Source: Scientific American Magazzine, August 17, 2022.
Message: Even though no Republican voted for it, clean energy investment has gone mostly to red states. An emerging "battery belt" is forming in the south, with battery and electric vehicle plants popping up in states such as Georgia, Tennessee and Texas.

Source: The Guardian, August 11, 2023.